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Red Dragons International Football Management Agency first created in 2018 by Mr.Kostas Papadopoulos.Red Dragons and our associates specialize in the representation and promotion of athletes in European and Asian markets with absolute credibility and consistency,ensuring the financial,legal and any other support that is required by such agreements.

Through a holistic approach and a service oriented mentality we aim to provide the ideal conditions for the professional football player.The basic element of our service is to support the athlete efficiently and effectively in every situation of his life and career.At the basis of our philosophy we consider each and every athlete as a special personality and of equal importance,no matter the level or position he plays.

Discovering and promoting young talents is one of our main aims.Our priority is to help young athletes to develop the background and the personality which will allow them to pursue a career in professional football and to provide a carrier planning.As in every athlete we represent,we give special care in building mutual confidence,with full respect to player’s family.